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STERILINE was established in 1989 for the purpose of producing automatic equipment for pharmaceutical companies.


Steriline is an expanding European manufacturer highly specialised in the production of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products, supplying pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Steriline develops, manufactures and supplies complete lines for the aseptic processing of toxic or non-toxic products, liquid or powders, in vials, ampoules, cartridges or syringes, including both mechanic and robotic applications. Steriline aseptic filling lines cover all operations and types of equipment spanning from Washing Machines, Depyrogenating Tunnels, Filling and Capping Machines to External Decontaminating Machines. Additionally, Steriline portfolio includes a comprehensive range of barrier systems (such as LAF, oRABS, cRABS) and fully in-house engineered and manufactured Isolators.

Focusing on specialisation, advanced engineering and collaborative partnership, Steriline aims at becoming a preferred aseptic processing manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. As per its mission, Steriline is committed to provide customers with distinct, tailored and durably reliable solutions to help them meet a growing demand for improved efficiency, consistent quality and enhanced safety across the sector.

Steriline's relationship with customers is shaped around a dialogue that is frequent, open and ongoing at all stages of product lifecycle. Whether a company is looking for a standard single machine or a customised robotic line, Steriline can build on an inventive approach to engineering and advanced project management capabilities to deliver the most effective solutions in response to each company specific needs.

Steriline offers a wide range of high-quality products which are specifically designed to meet customer's needs for high flexible applications.

Steriline has grown to one of the most trusted equipment suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry, which supplies its equipment to the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our mission

Steriline's strong commitment to R&D and constant investments in technological innovation are at the heart of its distinctive solutions.

Throughout Steriline's history, multidisciplinary research and development activities have been the backbone of the company's offering for the aseptic processing market. This allowed Steriline to translate its inventive approach to engineering into highly specialised, advanced and durably reliable equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

STERILINE's offerings include:

  • Vials Filling Machines (RVFM)
  • Vials Capping Machines (RVCM)
  • External Decontaminating Machines (EDM-RHP)
  • Tray Loader (RTL)
  • Pulsed Light Sterilizer (RPLS1)
  • Nest Filling Line (RNFM)

Robotic Nest filling Line

581 Vials Filling Line 200

629 Robotic Tub decontamination system RTDS2

1131 Robotic Vial Filling Machine under ISO