Control in Kenya

Published: 5-May-2011

Interlocks essential to control the movement of staff and finished goods

Electronic Card Services Ltd, of Nairobi, Kenya, has taken delivery of 13 door interlock controllers and ancillary components from Hoyles Electronic Developments.

ECS's main business is the printing of plastic cards for ATMs, store cards and access control cards etc. The interlocks are essential to control the movement of staff and finished goods within the business. Almost half of the 30+ doors are controlled by three and four door interlocks.

The interlocks will create the higher level of security needed to enable ECS to become certified by more financial institutions in order to expand their ATM card business.

Hoyles has built an enviable reputation in the design and manufacture of interlocks for hundreds of secure installations such as cleanrooms, computer rooms, cash in transit depots and secure ATM lobbies.

Standard product caters for fire alarm release inputs, breach signalling, emergency release, door open too long warnings, maintenance over-ride facilities and status indicators. The interlock systems use microcontrollers with software written in-house.

The company can achieve virtually any type of interlocking required by clients with standard and some custom software changes.

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