Daifuku Cleanroom Automation America announces name change

Published: 20-Feb-2024

Japan-based Daifuku has announced company name changes throughout all of its North America branches

Daifuku North America has announced company name changes throughout its North American branches.

The Japan-based material-handling equipment company, and the parent company of Daifuku North America, has introduced naming procedures for all Daifuku companies worldwide.

Daifuku Cleanroom Automation America Corporation is now Daifuku Cleanroom America Corporation

The new North American company names reflect those procedures.

Two companies that are part of Daifuku Airport Technologies have new names:

  • Jervis B. Webb Company is now Daifuku Airport America Corporation 
  • Elite Line Services is now Daifuku Services America Corporation

Four other DNA companies also changed names:

  • Wynright Corporation is now Daifuku Intralogistics America Corporation
  • Daifuku America Corporation is now Daifuku Automotive America Corporation
  • Daifuku Cleanroom Automation America Corporation is now Daifuku Cleanroom America Corporation
  • Jervis B. Webb Company of Canada is now Daifuku Manufacturing Canada Corporation.

Seiji Sato, President, and CEO of DNA, said: “Every company in North America is dedicated to delivering the best solutions for our customers, tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to providing innovative products and superior services in every market we serve.”

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