Efficiency and safety in cleanroom cleaning

Published: 29-May-2014

Cleanroom cleaning can be time-consuming, inconvenient and troublesome. Edward Becker, Hydroflex OHG, looks at how, with the right mopping system, it can be made a lot easier

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In every cleanroom contamination is permanently being generated by personnel and equipment. Such contamination will subsequently either be filtered out of the air (airborne particles) or settle on surfaces. These contaminated surfaces must then be cleaned regularly (floors usually daily) by means of wiping or mopping. Contamination and minute, invisible particles can be reliably removed from surfaces only with the manual process of wiping with special mops. The process of cleaning therefore has a direct effect on the cleanliness and thus on the status of the cleanroom.

However, cleanroom cleaning is often regarded as time-consuming, inconvenient or troublesome, which is understandable if outdated techniques or equipment are being utilised. There are no short cuts to a cleaned cleanroom as this process needs to be carried out very carefully and precisely and internal SOPs need to be complied with. Hydroflex has developed a mopping system that, it believes, can revolutionise many aspects of cleanroom cleaning.

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