Electropolished cleanroom furniture now available at Cleanroomshop

Published: 12-Aug-2015

Cleanroom gowning and furniture from Palbam Class is now available through Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables & furniture division, Cleanroomshop

The world-renowned cleanroom gowning and furniture from Palbam Class is now available through Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ consumables and furniture division, Cleanroomshop.

The carefully selected product range features gowning storage rails and dispensers, workstations, storage cabinets, ladders and desiccator cabinets. Each furniture item is suitable for extremely clean environments, such as ISO Class 4 and above and there are infinite layout options.

Cleanroomshop is the ideal partner for Palbam Class, as it offers global supply of cleanroom consumables and furniture. It boasts a range of more than 600 products on its industry-leading e-commerce website, plus a dedicated customer service team of cleanroom professionals.

Palbam Class takes cleanroom furniture to a higher level and ensures only the best craftsmen manufacture its products, which is immediately visible from the excellent welding and electropolished finish of the products.

The products are suitable for all cleanroom industries, but are particularly attractive to semiconductor, biotech and pharmaceutical markets - where they are already in use by organisations such as Pfizer and Samsung.

'We are excited by this new partnership with Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Palbam Class and Connect 2 Cleanrooms are two industry leaders in the cleanroom market. We believe customers deserve not only the best products but also the best service and support,' said Paul Fenn, Sales & Marketing Manager, Palbam Class.

The products incorporate modern, aesthetic, ergonomic design to improve airflow and reduce turbulence. Tubular legs and regularly spaced hangers on the gowning racks are just two of these ingenious features that combine aesthetical and functional properties resulting in high-quality products that look great and work hard to reduce particle retention.

Electro-polishing smoothes out microscopic peaks and valleys in stainless steel surfaces that could potentially harbour particles and micro-organisms, or cause snagging of wipes or residuals during cleaning processes.

The finish is built to last and there is no risk of it distorting or peeling with time, as there is with surface coatings. Its chrome-like appearance gives a surface reflectivity that leads to improved heat and light reflection – as well as giving a bright and shiny appearance that would make any cleanroom a pleasure to work in.

The more sizeable products in the range such as tables and garment storage are provided flat-packed and easy to install. Purchasers will enjoy reduced shipping costs due to the flat-packed supply and the likelihood of damage during transport is significantly reduced. Impressively, the tables can take substantial loads of up to 100kg – as well as coming in a choice of solid or perforated top.

Cleanroomshop offers the range on its award-winning website, for customers to discover the full features and benefits and to purchase.

Cleanroomshop’s cleanroom trained customer service team is available to answer any questions, by telephone, email, or online live chat.

For more information see www.cleanroomshop.com.


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