Entegris introduces Purasol Solvent Purifiers for total metal removal

Published: 2-Mar-2017

Ultra-clean purification technology removes metals from solvents used in advanced semiconductor photolithography processes

Entegris, a leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials handling solutions for the microelectronics industry, has introduced Purasol, a first-of-its-kind solvent purifier that removes a wide variety of metal microcontaminants found in organic solvents used in ultraclean chemical manufacturing processes.

Using uniquely tailored membrane technology, the new versatile purifier can efficiently remove both dissolved and colloidal metal contaminants from a wide variety of ultra-pure, polar and non-polar solvents.

"As sensitivities to metal contaminants rise, photochemical manufacturers are looking for new technology solutions to address the wide variety of defect-causing contaminants that are harder and more costly to control," said Entegris Senior Vice President of Microcontamination Control, Clint Haris.

"In our ongoing efforts to develop ultraclean solutions to these challenges, we have developed a novel membrane technology that efficiently removes these critical contaminants."

Compatible with most solvents, including difficult-to-remove ketones like cyclohexanone, Purasol purifiers deliver superior cleanliness with exceptional critical metals-removal capabilities with single- or subparts-per-trillion contaminant levels removal performance.

Two product options are available to target different solvent polarities (polar and nonpolar) in the removal of metals known to cause defects in photolithography applications.

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