Extract Technology announces UK expansion for containment tech

Published: 26-Apr-2022

The UK-based aseptic and containment systems specialist has made its second infrastructure expansion since its acquisition by the Dec Group in mid-2021

Containment experts Extract Technology and the Dec Group (Dietrich Engineering Consultants) have announced a significant expansion of their UK ISO 9001 manufacturing facility located in Huddersfield, UK. The Bradley Junction site expansion includes the acquisition of an additional building within the current industrial complex.

Since its acquisition by the Dec Group in mid-2021, this is the 2nd major investment announcement in the Extract Technology business with respect to infrastructure. Extract Technology is an engineering specialist with expertise in aseptic and containment systems for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nuclear containment, and radiopharmaceutical applications. Extract further enhanced the Dec Group's isolation capabilities for critical & highly potent applications.

Expanding capacity and optimising manufacturing layout creates a more customer-focused environment

This new expansion serves to support the growing needs of Extract Technology's global customer base and add further efficiency to UK manufacturing operations.

Growth forecasted with key end-users as part of a collaborative approach to end-user support has led to a clear and committed expectation for Extract's aseptic and containment pharmaceutical solutions, which includes the company's innovative Cell and Gene Therapy technology. Expanding capacity and optimising manufacturing layout creates a more customer-focused environment, expands direct support for Dec Group products into the UK market, and drives further innovation of Dec Group's containment technologies.

The expanded operation will support reduced lead times, and greater efficiency across all platform products, with a specific focus on global customer support, this is being driven via a lean manufacturing approach and significant investment for the tools needed by the team.

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Alan Wainwright, Global Managing Director Extract Technology said: "We know these critical but slightly less engineered products have a differential associated with the general operating model, as such a more focused and differentiated flow for the technology will enhance our ability to serve all our market needs at an optimal level."

On the topic of the two businesses' operations since Extract's acquisition, Jaime Larder, Head of HR added: "Our growth as a company is exciting to us. We enjoy seeing the liveliness that this announcement brings to our team. We will be hiring for several positions in the coming months and we look forward to inviting new talent to our expert team."

Looking across the pond

The Extract US expansion will come online late 2022 and will house a new world-class manufacturing facility.

This new expansion will include one of the largest NQA-1 operations in North America, servicing the needs for Nuclear Grade Isolation (including RadioPharma applications), and support the company's Mobile Cleanroom (MCR) products.

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