FPS delivers high containment integrated systems within aseptic conditions

Published: 26-Mar-2018

This is composed by the n°2 ANFD (Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers) system with integrated sampling, discharge, milling and packing-off station suitable to handle OEB4 dry product under sterile conditions

FPS, a leading company in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical fields, has recently delivered a complex project combining high containment within aseptic conditions.

Key features of this system are:

  • Multi-chamber design providing defined barrier between the process and surrounding environment
  • Full access to the micronisation unit and the dispensing station installed inside the isolator
  • Glove ports arrangement to provide best ergonomics and maximum viewing of all process operations
  • Positive/negative pressure regime between enclosure and surrounding environment to ensure all potential contamination is kept inside and required sterility level is assured

The FPS Sales director and micronisation expert, Eng. Stefano Butti, commented: "It is a plant where the product is processed in conditions of high containment and asepsis, starting from its filtration and drying and passing through the milling, micronisation and final dispensing. All process steps and control system were managed entirely by us as main contractor, both for isolators and for the various process machines. The success of this challenge was certainly due to the experience gained in similar projects and the ability to combine these experiences, even in a critical way, with the aim of further improving what has already been done."

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