G-CON expands portfolio following G-CON Clean Solutions formation

Published: 25-Nov-2022

The acquisition of Panelco/Plasteurop in April has expanded the types of modular cleanroom the firm can offer

Through the acquisition of Panelco/Plasteurop SAS in April and the formation of G-CON Clean Solutions, G-CON has announced that it is now able to manufacture and supply its own cleanroom wall panels, ceiling systems, doors and other cleanroom components.

This acquisition not only provides supply chain assurance in terms of quality, cost and delivery of these critical POD components used in the manufacturing of G-CON’s PODs, but also expands G-CON's portfolio of cleanroom solutions to meet clients' facility project needs.

For most projects, PODs are integrated with modular cleanroom panel systems that are often used for construction of less critical cleanroom areas. When using panels inside and outside of PODs, G-CON refers to the cleanroom solution as a hybrid cleanroom solution.

In the past, these panel systems were provided by other suppliers, but today, G-CON is now able to deliver hybrid cleanroom facilities, simplifying the project delivery process and ensuring the consistency of quality of cleanroom architectural finishes both inside and outside the PODs. In those cases, where PODs are not a viable or preferred solution for a client project, G-CON can provide a full modular panel cleanroom system.

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