Gerresheimer to extend medical devices operation in the US

Published: 10-Mar-2014

Will increase production area and add ISO Class 8 cleanroom at plant in Peachtree City, Georgia, US

Gerresheimer, a leading manufacturer of glass and plastic packaging and products, is extending its production capacity for medical plastic systems at its plant in Peachtree City, Georgia, US in a 'double-digit million dollars' project that will create more than 100 jobs going forward.

The production area will be increased by an additional 5,600m2. Two-thirds of the extra capacity will be ISO Class 8 cleanroom. The new jobs will be administrative, supervisory and production positions.

'We’re experiencing worldwide growth in demand for user-friendly, safe and easy to use medical devices such as inhalers and insulin pens,' said Andreas Schütte, Head of Gerresheimer's Plastics & Devices Division. 'As a result of this growth, and new customer projects, our plant in Peachtree City will be significantly increasing its production capacity.'

He said there were many opportunities for Gerresheimer in this business segment in the US and the Peachtree City facility would 'play a crucial role in helping us to exploit them'.

Gerresheimer established its first Peachtree City production facility in 1993 and expanded it in 2009 with the establishment of a Technical Competence Centre (TCC). The plant is part of the company's Medical Plastic Systems business unit, which develops, manufactures and assembles customer-specific devices such as inhalers, insulin pens, lancets and various diagnostic systems.

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