Gerresheimer upgrades cleanroom production at its Brazilian plants

Published: 1-Sep-2016

Modernises its injection moulding and injection blow moulding cleanrooms in São Paolo

The German Gerresheimer Group has completely modernised the cleanrooms at its plastic pharmaceutical packaging plants in Brazil.

The firm's three Brazilian production facilities in the São Paolo region, at Butanta, Embu and Cotia, collectively manufacture hundreds of millions of plastic containers and closures for health and well-being applications every year.

In 2015, Gerresheimer started to modernise the cleanrooms in Brazil to achieve sustainable improvements in production quality.

The injection moulding cleanroom optimisation project at Butanta began in July 2015. As soon as it was finished, the next project to modernise the injection blow moulding cleanroom at the plant started.

Jens Friis, Vice President Europe & Latin America at Gerresheimer Plastic Packaging, said optimising its cleanrooms has enabled Gerresheimer to achieve considerable improvements in production quality and it is now setting new standards in the pharmaceutical packaging market.

'The entire plant is profiting from the project, and our employees now enjoy vastly improved working conditions,' he said.

The three Brazilian plants have a total production area of 28,000 m2. All products are packaged and labelled in a cleanroom environment before they go to the warehouse.

Product inspections also take place in the cleanroom.

A brand new air-conditioning system is additionally contributing to improved working conditions at the plant.

The plastic products manufactured in Brazil include dropper bottles for eye drops, spray bottles for nasal sprays, PE containers for tablets, plus caps, closures and accessories such as dosing caps, droppers, measuring cups, dosing syringes and applicators.

Gerresheimer has a fourth plant that manufactures insulin pens in Indaiatuba, which is also in the São Paulo region.

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