High-Tech Conversions introduces Tacky Traxx PVC cleanroom sticky mat frames

Published: 13-Feb-2024

US-based High-Tech Conversions has announced the launch of its latest product line, Tacky Traxx PVC cleanroom sticky mat frames

High-Tech Conversions, a cleanroom and contamination control supplies manufacturer, has announced the launch of its latest product line, Tacky Traxx PVC cleanroom sticky mat frames. 

These frames are economical and tailored to maintain the stringent standards of cleanliness required in sensitive environments.

Key features and benefits of Tacky Traxx PVC sticky mat frames:

  • Ease of Cleaning: Each frame is meticulously designed to be lifted effortlessly, enabling thorough cleaning of the area beneath the sticky mat.
  • Designated Sticky Mat Area: The frames provide a specified location for cleanroom sticky mats, ensuring mats remain in place and function optimally.
  • Mobility: With our Tacky Traxx PVC Mat Frames, adapting to the dynamic nature of facility layouts is easier than ever. The frames allow for the sticky mats to be relocated throughout various sections of the facility as required.
  • Durability and lightness: Constructed from high-grade PVC, these frames are both sturdy and lightweight, striking an optimal balance for daily use.
  • Enhanced Stability: The non-skid mesh backing guarantees the frame, and thus the mat, remains securely anchored, reducing the risk of slips or dislocation.

Matt Hatfield, Marketing Manager at High-Tech Conversions, said: “Controlled environments demand rigorous contamination control measures. The Tacky Traxx PVC Sticky Mat Frames were developed as a direct response to the needs of our clients who require economical mat frames and efficient solutions to maintain cleanliness in their cleanrooms.”

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