Humidity Solutions wins Sustainable Product of the Year in HVR Awards

Published: 27-Oct-2020

Humidity Solutions has won the prestigious Sustainable Product of the Year award in the recent HVR Awards 2020, for its desiccant dehumidifier from Danish manufacturer, Cotes A/S

The submission specifically referred to use of the desiccant dehumidifier in lithium-ion battery production, where ultra-dry conditions of - 60⁰C dew point are required to ensure a problem free manufacturing process. 60% of energy used in a lithium-ion battery production facility is used on power to the dehumidifier.

Cotes dehumidifiers have developed a 3 desiccant wheel set up which reduces the energy consumed by as much as 44%. This is a unique product, saving energy in the production of a product widely considered to be vital in the reduction of use of fossil fuels, pollution at the point of use and the storage of energy.

Other popular applications for the Cotes’ range includes food & beverage production, wind turbines, protection and storage of valuable assets such as artwork, furniture and instruments, classic cars and in libraries and archives.

Humidity Solutions were also finalists in two other categories of the HVR Awards: Domestic Product of the Year for the Homevap humidifier and cooler, and Commercial/Industrial Ventilation products award for the Neptronic SKE4 Resistive Humidifier.

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