HVAX Technologies launches new containment business sector

Published: 24-Nov-2021

The controlled environments and cleanroom specialist in India has launched a new business segment to commercialise its containment technologies

India-based HVAX Technologies has launched a new business venture in ISOVAX Containment Technologies.

Isovax has been launched at this year's CPhI and PMEC India.

The company designs, manufactures and validates transportable, table top and standalone containment equipment for the pharmaceutical & biotech industry. As new pharmacological breakthroughs emerge the applications of containment technology is gaining more prominence.

"Isovax Containment Control Technologies allows you to control production processes within a particular space, protecting the product, people and the environment in the event of high toxicity and product reactivity," the company states. "Containment technology also keeps the dust, fumes and vapours from contaminating the product as well ensures decontaminated release of wastes, thereby protecting the environment."

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