HVP cleanroom decontamination validation in minutes not days

Published: 6-Jul-2017

Enzyme indicators (EI) look like biological indicator (BI) strips, are biological like BIs and are used for decontamination performance monitoring – but that is where the similarities end. Phillip Godden, CEO, Protak Scientific, explains why he believes EIs deliver superior performance and benefits

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Biological indicators (BIs) are essentially a microbiological test system made up of a known viable population of particular bacterial spores, inoculated onto a carrier, which provides a defined resistance to a specific sterilisation process. It is used by pharmaceutical companies to check whether a sterilisation process is working effectively or not.

The industry-standard wait of up to 7 days for the BI decontamination results, however, can mean productivity and financial losses are incurred with the delay.

Now, there is an alternative way to measure and validate decontamination performance instantly. Following some 15 years of research and testing by Public Health England (PHE), enzyme indicator (EI) technology is now commercially available, and Protak Scientific is the globally exclusive licensee.

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