Hygienic upgrade for sensitive beverages by Claranor and I.C.E.

Published: 16-Oct-2017

At Gulfood Manufacturing 2017, Claranor and Ingénierie Conception Expertise (I.C.E.) will show their innovative solution on beverage quality protection

Claranor and I.C.E., bring their strengths together, to offer a brand new combined solution for the control of product quality of high speed water and beverage filling lines.

Their goal is to propose a protection of water quality throughout the production process, from the well to the package product.

I.C.E. provides turn-key projects ranging from well to filling inlet, CIP, services and audits; Claranor provides chemical-free cap and preform neck sterilisation solutions using the pulsed light technology.

Claranor is a worldwide supplier of chemical-free solutions for online packaging sterilisation. Compact and chemical free, its solutions offer beverage producers an efficient decontamination (up to 5 log reduction on B. Subtilis or A. brasiliensis) even for the fastest high-speed filling lines (up to 90 000 bph).

Monitoring water quality means protecting the brand

Consumers in the EMEA market, as all over the world, are looking for healthier foods beverages. This means low levels of sugar, no artificial colouring and clean labels in general.

These formulation constraints often increase the need for packaging sterilisation and more generally require a higher level of hygiene throughout the production line.

This turnkey and sustainable solution is an easy and cost-efficient way to upgrade current filling lines.

The Claranor and I.C.E. partnership offers the opportunity for manufacturers to achieve filling of more sensitive products without needing to invest in a brand-new line.

Thanks to their international experience with the beverage industry, more than 180 cap units have been installed worldwide for Claranor and 200 projects for I.C.E., now both being acknowledged by the most famous beverage companies in the world.

Furthermore, Claranor and I.C.E. solutions are sustainable. Claranor devices are water-free and chemical-free, I.C.E. is focused on water and energy yield thus offering beverage producers a way to achieve their sustainability goals.

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