Keeping cleanroom environments under control

Published: 28-Sep-2020

Forbo Flooring presents its ESD collection of advanced technical flooring systems specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such as cleanrooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry

To maintain the integrity of a cleanroom’s closed environment, every aspect of its design needs to be carefully considered and this includes keeping the risk of static discharge under control. With increasing numbers of sensitive electrical equipment used in sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceutical, static discharge can cause damage to expensive and in some cases, life-saving, equipment.

For these areas, an ESD flooring solution is crucial. ESD flooring works by limiting the electrostatic charging of people and materials, while also ensuring that charged materials are discharged and grounded. Static Dissipative (SD) and Electro Conductive (EC) offer different levels of protection based on its resistance characteristics, and the choice of product depends on the level of electro-sensitivity of the equipment and environment.

Designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas of a building, Forbo Flooring Systems’ newly created Under Control collection features its popular Marmoleum Ohmex for a sustainable solution, as well as it’s renowned Colorex SD and EC tile ranges, refreshed with a new palette and including two new products. New to the collection this year is Sphera SD/EC: a technically advanced homogeneous conductive sheet vinyl range.

Forbo Sphera EC 450000 White EC 450050 Olive

Forbo Sphera EC 450000 White EC 450050 Olive

Completely new to the market, the Sphera range offers two options depending on the performance required for the area. Sphera EC is a permanently conductive solution, available in 13 colourways, which feature marbled chips that blend with the carbon black chips required to support its functionality. The Sphera SD option is a permanently dissipative solution that is available in 14 colourways, which mimic those found within the EC range and feature a neutral coloured dissipative chip – delivering a softer aesthetic.

Sphera SD has been approved for cleanrooms to class 6 and Sphera EC for cleanrooms to class 5. Both ranges also feature Forbo’s ‘SmartTop’ control conductive PUR lacquer, which delivers guaranteed conductive performance and chemical resistance for the lifetime of the product, while the unique embossing structure ensures the surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Alongside newly refreshed colour palettes for the Colorex SD and EC ranges, the new Colorex Glow is a permanently conductive solution that provides a phosphorescent glow for up to four hours after exposure to a light source. This means it is an ideal solution for floor safety signage, and to guide occupiers to exits, in case of a power cut. For adhesive free, quick and easy installations, Colorex Plus with its dovetail locking system provides the ideal answer and as part of Forbo’s Fast Fit collection, can reduce installation time by over 50%.

Providing greater installation freedom by offering both sheet and modular tile formats, the Under Control collection has been designed to comply with all the ESD and cleanroom standards.

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