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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ and the Kimtech™ Brand have been trusted partners to labs, cleanrooms and research facilities for more than 60 years. We are focused on protecting people and processes so scientists can do work that will change the world. We also offer the first manufacturer-led PPE recycling programme: The RightCycle™ Programme. Visit website

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Kimberly-Clark Professional

KIMTECH™: Protecting You. Powering Science.

The Kimtech™ Brand from Kimberly-Clark Professional delivers best-in-class protection and contamination control solutions for critical applications in regulated industries and critical environments.

What is the Kimtech™ Difference?

  • Protection and Innovation – We deliver seamless protection when and where it counts with scientifically proven, intuitively designed and reliable solutions.
  • Training – We offer Apex™, a complimentary training program that effectively engages employees, ensuring protection of the scientific process while enhancing efficiency and performance.
  • Sustainability – We are a true partner, delivering unique products and service to protect people, process and planet. We help customers close the loop through the first manufacturer-led PPE recycling programme: RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional®.

Our solutions help reduce risk and enhance performance through:

  • Validated sterility levels and innovative features
  • Testing against harsh chemicals and even exceeding industry requirements
  • Precision, trust and accountability

We offer high-quality and comfortable head-to-toe protection as well as wiping systems for high-precision cleaning. Solutions include durable and comfortable gloves, breathable barrier coveralls, facemasks, lab coats, non-slip boot and shoe covers, and other apparel accessories. Our innovative Clean-Don™ technology makes apparel donning easier and reduces contamination risk and our nitrile gloves are engineered for protection and designed for comfort.

For more than 60 years, the Kimtech™ Brand has ensured protection of scientists and the scientific process while enhancing efficiency and performance. When you choose Kimberly- Clark Professional™ Kimtech™ solutions, you’re choosing a partner who not only values your business and customers, but also the world we share. For the challenges you face and the standards you need to meet, there is no better choice than Kimtech™ products from Kimberly-Clark Professional™.

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