Light guide optics – cleanroom solutions

Published: 13-Feb-2024

To meet the modern requirements of science, industry and medicine, The European optical fibre, cable and laser delivery system manufacturer Light Guide Optics International LTD. has opened a new company headquarter in Latvia

Modern Premises for Modern Requirements

The demand for precise and reliable optical components is growing continuously, driven by the rapid development in the fields of life sciences and digital medicine. In light of this development, Lightguide has expanded its capacities with a new, state-of-the-art company headquarters in Līvāni. The premises in Latvia not only provide sufficient space for manufacturing, research and development, but also emphasise the company’s commitment to continuous growth, innovation and the highest quality. With the new location, Lightguide strengthens its presence in Europe and positions itself even better to efficiently serve its global customer base.

Light guide optics – cleanroom solutions

Room for Innovation

Lindner manufactured, supplied and installed around 850 m2 of specialised Multiclean COP system partition walls for this project, which not only meet the hygienic requirements of the cleanroom, but also impress with their modern design. The additional installation of glazing contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the room and enables a visual connection between the different production areas. In combination with revolving doors and automatic sliding doors, the partition walls provide a functional and modern room layout in the building and ensure controlled access to sensitive production areas. The complementary Clip K3 cleanroom ceiling system enables easy maintenance of the technical equipment in the ceiling void thanks to its clamp-folding function. The integrated SH LED-H lights of the latest generation guarantee optimum illumination of the working environment in compliance with the applicable workplace and cleanroom standards.

In addition, 200 return air grilles with return air shafts were installed to ensure continuous air circulation, which is crucial for maintaining the indoor air quality. As a centrepiece, Lindner integrated five UV disinfection material pass-throughs, which enable chemical-free disinfection of objects – rendering viruses, bacteria and fungi harmless in seconds thanks to UV radiation.

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