Mecart is a manufacturer of design/build modular cleanroom solutions

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Mecart is a North American design/build cleanroom manufacturer with over 45 years of experience building world class cleanrooms. Mecart has manufacturing facilities in Quebec, Canada and in South Carolina, USA.

Mecart’s modular cleanroom concept is an independent self-standing building using prefabricated panels.

One of its many unique advantages is its free-standing walls with a fully load-bearing ceiling. This means the cleanroom is totally detached from the main building’s roof structure.

The Mecart brand is known for its proven solutions, high quality products, on time delivery, competitive pricing, and superior customer support.

FM Approved

Mecart products passed the tests with flying colors, receiving both FM-4880 and FM-4882 certification, making them the first North American panel manufacturer to gain FM-4882 certification for panels with non-combustible core for cleanroom occupancy.

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