Medhini Group announces partnership with sustainable engineering consultancy

Published: 13-Jul-2023

Medhini Group and TERAO Asia have joined forces to advance sustainable and green industrial projects in Malaysia

Malaysia-based Medhini Group and China-based TERAO Asia have joined forces to advance sustainable and green industrial projects in Malaysia.

Medhini is a boutique project management firm specialising in high-tech industries in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. Established in February 2020, Medhini provides project management, site selection, CAPEX estimates, feasibility studies, cleanroom & general facility design services, and CQV for industrial projects.

The group is growly quickly and now has a new website and has also launched a recent rebrand

TERAO is an independent sustainable engineering consultancy at the forefront of green building design. With a global presence in France, Colombia, Vietnam, Singapore, China, and other locations, TERAO offers comprehensive solutions to clients worldwide, focusing on sustainable initiatives and environmentally responsible practices.

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"We are delighted to announce our collaboration, solidified by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)," Medhini Group stated. "Together, we will deliver innovative and environmentally conscious solutions that align with ESG principles and the SDGs. Our goal is to combine our expertise and foster a more sustainable future by providing comprehensive services that integrate sustainable engineering and project management."

Sincere thanks to Germain THOMAS from Asiance Sdn Bhd for facilitating this collaboration. Their support has been invaluable in bringing together the strength and value that both TERAO and Medhini bring to industry players in Malaysia and the region.

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