Micronclean publishes environment and sustainability strategy

Published: 15-Jun-2023

The company pledges to to be the most sustainable specialist textiles and cleanroom consumables business on the planet

Micronclean’s new "Environmental and Sustainability Strategy" has been published on its website. This document sets Micronclean’s ambition to be ‘the most sustainable specialist textile and cleanroom consumable business on the  planet' under the three central pillars: Our Climate, Creating our Circular Economy and Our People and Communities. 

Our Climate is focussed on the pathway to net zero through the introduction of renewable technologies and the removal of fossil  fuel-based assets.

Creating our circular economy is all about systems, ensuring focus on  eliminating waste from processes by ensuring sustainable decision making is applied throughout the life cycle. 

Our People and Communities is the heart of the company's plan, and focuses on wellbeing and Micronclean's "Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy" including a passion to improve biodiversity. 

Delivery requires changes in behaviours throughout the business

- Robert Parker, Managing Director at Micronclean

The first update will be published in 2024 and "will be transparent, and data driven to give our customers confidence we are delivering against our Microngreen programme."

Sophie Harris, Associate QSHE Director at Micronclean commented: “It is with great enthusiasm I am pleased to announce that the Microngreen Strategy document has now gone live on our website. It sets the ambition, leadership and direction for Micronclean to work toward an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible future for our customers, supply chain, people and communities we serve.”  

Robert Parker, Managing Director at Micronclean added: “Our strategy is framing our desire to pursue the right course of action for the environment and sustainability. To deliver our strategy we need the resources to bring it to life, with clear accountability within the board. Delivery requires changes in behaviours throughout the business, introducing an environmental impact consideration to everything we do, particularly for projects and new product development. Having created the framework and resource to allow the strategy to develop, we must now deliver this exciting vision.”

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