MSL Solution Providers celebrates 20th anniversary

Published: 29-Mar-2021

Twenty years of success for microbiological testing and regulatory experts

2021 marks a milestone birthday for MSL Solution Providers, the UK’s leading microbiological testing and regulatory specialist.

Founded in 2001, the company was established primarily for the cosmetics, personal care, and household cleansing markets, which are still at the core of its business today. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown to a team of 32 people, who own 51% of the company following its move to an employee ownership model in 2019.

The company serves a customer base spanning five continents that includes raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and brand owners. It offers a seamless, integrated approach, resulting in products and services getting to market quickly, compliantly, and cost effectively, whilst still ensuring the highest standards of testing.

The company has helped support the increasing demand placed on manufacturing disinfectants and hand sanitisers due to Covid-19 pandemic. A complete service provider for all testing and regulatory needs, it has helped clients ensure their products are compliant with current regulations.

It has also recently added new services to its roster including: EN17272 validation for airborne disinfection by automated process, and EN18184 testing to determine antiviral activity of textile products.

An expert in the microbiological testing and regulatory compliance of cosmetics and personal care products too, MSL Solution Providers is one of the largest independent Responsible Persons.

It has recently helped hundreds of clients get ready for Brexit, enabling them to continue trading after the UK’s exit. It is also the pioneer of the VeganSure, a unique testing solution, which replaces all animal-derived ingredients with plant-based or synthetic alternatives, which is registered with The Vegan Society’s Trademark.

Angela Davies, CEO and founder of MSL Solution Providers comments: "At milestone moments, it’s great to look back to see where we have come from, but just as important to keep looking ahead – that’s why we moved to an employee ownership model. I am confident our recent work will ensure a successful and independent future, in which we continue to build on our great customer offer."

As well as laboratory testing, MSL Solution Providers provides a host of other linked disciplines including claims substantiation, auditing, consultancy, and user trials.

Its expertise includes disinfectant testing and claim support for the BPR and uniquely their EU & UK Regulatory services are ISO9001 accredited as well as being insurance backed. It holds UKAS Accreditation No 4045.

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