Nanotech engineering expert ConScience opens subsidiary in Denmark

Published: 13-May-2024

Sweden-based ConScience has opened a subsidiary ConScience ApS in its neighbouring country Denmark

After more than 10 years based in Gothenburg, Sweden, ConScience has opened a subsidiary ConScience ApS in Denmark in the Spring 2024. 

The nanotechnology engineering company and cleanroom fabrication expert will base its cleanroom operations at the DTU Nanolab, which is the national centre for nanofabrication and characterisation in Denmark. 

The centre is an open-access research infrastructure facility owned by and located at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

The new ConScience subsidiary in Denmark will support the increasing global demand from clients seeking ConScience services.

ConScience has clients ranging from academic research groups to startups and global electronics companies.

The nanotechnology engineering company will base its cleanroom operations at the DTU Nanolab

ConScience is an expert in translating nanofabrication methods into scalable technologies.

In particular, ConScience specialises in cleanroom fabrication, and offer services in several areas including:

  • Microfluidics for cell studies and medical devices
  • Sensors 
  • Active electronic components including quantum computing devices. In Q1 2024 ConScience launched its first Qubit device, the QiB0 

Kristian Worziger, Executive Director of ConScience, who led the expansion into Denmark, said: “I am thrilled to be charged with establishing ConScience’s Danish subsidiary - where I actively can seek out and cultivate talent for our high-tech growth company while enabling our customers to realise their truly innovative products.”

The new Denmark subsidiary enables ConScience to access the strong research environments at the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, and the start-up environments in Copenhagen.  

After more than 10 years based in Gothenburg, Sweden, ConScience has opened a subsidiary in Denmark 

Further, this facilitates access to the DTU Nanolab cleanroom, which together with the cleanroom at Chalmers in Sweden are among the most well-equipped cleanrooms in northern Europe.

Operating from both cleanrooms opens new opportunities for both ConScience and its clients.

Joachim Fritzsche, CEO of ConScience, added: “We are happy to have Kristian accept this role, he brings a lot of experience from working with startups and scaleups. This venture significantly strengthens our offering to clients – we greatly increase the number of cleanroom tools available to us, this create both resilience and new opportunities. We also get closer to the strong Danish research industry and research environments in medical technologies and quantum.” 

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