ABN makes strategic acquisition

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 16-Mar-2018

Belgium-based company has acquired Climatech, a Dutch cleanroom construction specialist

ABN, a cleanroom technology company based in Belgium, has acquired Climatech, a cleanroom construction specialist.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Climatech specialises in cleanroom construction for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

Founded by Jan Donderwinkel in 2012, Climatech has experienced steady growth in recent years; the company recorded a turnover of €3.8 million with 12 employees.

Climatech has delivered project both in the Netherlands and in Belgium for clients including Biocartis and Janssen Pharmaceutical. It is there that ABN came to know Climatech.

This acquisition is a strategic move by ABN, as it plans to play a leading role in the market for high-quality and sterile air environments both in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Cleanroom Technology understands that the cleanroom side of ABN’s business makes up about half of the company’s turnover. This amounts to a total of €16 million euros.

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