ATMI triples shelf life of powder transfer bags

Published: 30-Nov--0001

ATMI, a US supplier of high-purity materials handling systems to the life sciences industry, has expanded its line of Newsafe contained powder transfer bags with products made from a new anti-static polymer film that significantly extends shelf-life. The new powder transfer system is made from permanently static dissipative (PSD) film, a patent-pending material whose strength, flexibility and transparency allows the delivery of powders to any single-use or reusable processing vessel fitted with an industry-standard triclamp interface.

The company says the bags exhibit anti-static properties that improve powder recovery and prevent build-up of electrostatic charge, resulting in significant process efficiency and safety benefits. They also extend shelf life to 36 months, compared with 12 months for other anti-static powder transfer vessels.

ATMI LifeSciences developed the PSD film technology using animal-derived component free (ADCF) materials. The film is extruded in-house by ATMI in HEPA-filtered air under cleanroom conditions. Newsafe PSD bags are manufactured in an ISO Class 5 environment.

‘The shelf life increases the container's usefulness for long-term storage or shipping. Customers can even purchase and store powders that are delivered in pre-measured amounts, which facilitates quick, clean, and less expensive addition of critical powders to their processes,’ said Richard Bhella, global product manager for single-use storage & delivery technologies at ATMI LifeSciences.

The light weight of the Newsafe PSD products makes them appropriate for transfer, storage, shipping, and dispensing media, buffers, filter aids, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and excipients, among other dry powders.

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