Advanced antimicrobial additives designed for flexible polymer applications


Swiss anitmicrobial protection developer Santized AG offers heat- and colour-stable, additive-compatible formulation

International producer of antimicrobial hygiene materials for textiles and plastics, Sanitized AG's latest innovation is a product for antimicrobial protection for flexible polymer applications.

The company has developed Sanitized PL 14-32 for highly effective and long-lasting antimicrobial protection.

Companies that use biocidal products to protect polymers and textiles from bacterial and fungal growth have faced many challenges in recent years.

Regulatory developments have limited the available types of biocides. For example, OBPA was the mostly used biocide to protect PVC and other plastics but producers have had to find alternatives since OBPA was withdrawn from the sale in the EU in January 2013.

The commonly used alternatives such as DCOIT, BBIT, zinc pyrithione or IBPC have different limitations related to flexible polymer applications.

Outdoor applications particularly, have increased requirements regarding the antimicrobial effectiveness after UV and water exposure.

In addition, an additive should have no effect on yellowing after UV exposure yet current alternatives can make these characteristics hard to achieve.

Key requirements are heat stability for the application and production process, as well as compatibility with other additives in the formulation.

According to Sanitzed AG, besides thermal stability and compatibility with most formulations, Sanitized PL 14-32 provides water resistance as well as high UV resistance and no yellowing after UV exposure.

It protects the material against unwanted effects of microbes, such as bacteria, mould, mildew, yeast and algae – all of which can cause material destruction, unsightly stains, cross contamination, odour development and biofilm formation.

In addition to thermal and color stability, the antimicrobial efficiency was checked in several formulations.

The product is supported under the EU`s Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and the active substances are approved under the US EPA.

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The Swiss company only uses scientifically researched antimicrobial active ingredients that have undergone strictest risk assessments for people and the environment in internationally recognised procedures.