Bigneat introduces Mini Modular Cleanrooms

Published: 8-Nov-2011

For retro-installation into factory or laboratory space

Bigneat has introduced a range of modular cleanrooms for retro-installation into existing factory or laboratory space.

The Waterlooville, UK-based supplier of enclosures and containment systems to the pharmaceutical industry, drug development and life sciences for laboratory automation and robotic system, says its Mini Modular Cleanrooms (MMC range) offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional 'built' facilities.

The MMC cleanrooms are freestanding and said to be ideal for upgrading existing factory or laboratory space. Modular construction comprises 1m rigid panels, which are strong and easy to clean and a real advantage over 'soft-wall' constructed facilities.

The cleanrooms are offered with ISO 14644-1 Class 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 air qualities with or without controlled temperature and humidity. Filtration housings are roof mounted with a low level return route back to the filtration systems.

Features include positive and negative environment pressures, temperature and humidity control, airlock facilities for personnel, product and waste materials, visible and audible alarms for incorrect airflow conditions and safe to enter traffic light system.

Bigneat says its products meet the demand for high standards of design, quality finish and longevity. The firm has used its extensive expertise in modular clean air and controlled environment enclosures in the design and manufacture of systems up to 3m wide, with panelling in mild steel, anodised aluminium, detailing in stainless steel, windows from cast acrylic and integrated robot electronics and control systems.

In the past 12 months Bigneat has increased its manufacturing capability and can now produce larger production scale clean air enclosures, including 4m span construction, with features such as automated transfer ports, ventilated air lock transfer systems and ventilated waste containment.

In addition, now that ‘Walk-In’ robotics enclosures include all the features of a standard cleanroom, Bigneat is introducing these systems to other industries where the manufacture or handling of items such as photonic equipment, medical devices, nanotechnology and microelectronic products requires high levels of contamination control and where a pristine clean environment is required.

Bigneat’s systems are delivered as flat packages for on-site assembly and the largest component is designed to fit through a standard sized doorway.

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