Brycon completes 14,000 sqft temporary cleanroom for global firm

Published: 24-Jan-2023

US-based Brycon has completed the ISO Class 8 temporary cleanroom for the Hamilton Company

US-based Brycon has recently completed a design-build project featuring a 14,270 sqft ISO Class 8 temporary cleanroom within an existing and operational concrete tilt building.

The project was for the Hamilton Company, a  US-based global firm specialising in precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management.

Value engineering and preconstruction due diligence during design provided critical benefits to the stakeholders. Brycon self-performed architectural framing and finishes, chilled water piping, compressed air, and electrical scopes. Close collaboration with all project team members to construct the cleanroom within the occupied and operational facility was vital to the successful completion of the project.

This is the 2nd cleanroom and design-build project Brycon has completed for The Hamilton Company.

"We value the partnership and look forward to future opportunities!" the company stated in a LinkedIn post.

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