Case Study: KLA Electronics Isopods

Guardtech Delivers Innovative ISO7 Softwall Cleanrooms in Denmark

KLA originally requested a proposal for 2 x ISO7 Softwall cleanrooms for installation at one of their sites in Denmark. After further scrutiny of the brief and consultation, Guard-tech proposed an upgraded solution that utilised more robust components to allow some pressurisation in the room, more in line with Isopod Hardwall modules

The Tech Specs:

A controlled environment designed, installed, cleaned and commissioned by Guardtech built to the following specification:

GT Strip Max PVC strip curtain – 300mm wide/3mm gauge with an internal height of 2.5m, GT Lid Pro panelled ceiling, Aluminium 50 x 50 x 3mm Box Section frame with Grade 304 stainless steel connectors.

GT Flow Plus Fan Filter Units (FFUs) with H14 HEPA and G4 Filters achieving 70 air changes per hour, GT Air Lite condenser-free wall-mounted HVAC unit.

The challenges:

The host room
One of the biggest challenges upon arriving at the premises in Denmark was attempting to maximise the Isopod size within the room

Because the Isopods were so close to the walls of the host room, the Guardtech Group Installation team had to ensure all fixings could be accessed from inside the room.

Notch your usual ceiling
Because of the limitations of the tight host room and the restricted access to ceiling supports, the Guardtech Installation team had to be creative, implementing a ‘notch’ in some of the stainless steel to ensure the panelled ceiling construction was not compromised in any way.

Transport trouble
The delivery of the two Softwall Isopods from Suffolk to Denmark was delayed a few days due to transport issues, meaning the Guardtech Installation Engineers had to work diligently to pull the schedule back in line with expectations.

The result

Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms Project Manager Elliott Pearce said, “It was such a pleasure to be involved in leading this fantastic project for a client conducting pioneering work in their field. “Full credit must go to the Guardtech Group Design and Install teams for working so well together to firstly plan these amazing bespoke Isopods back at our Suffolk HQ before the installation in Denmark.

“We were really pleased with the way everything went and wish the client well with their future endeavours.”

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