Caverion plans Felcon acquisition for cleanroom boost

Published: 20-Sep-2021

Felcon, a cleanroom design & build specialist in Austria, has decided to sell due to stakeholder retirements

Caverion has signed an agreement to acquire Felcon in Austria. Felcon Group is a small clean room specialist company based in Vienna, Austria.

The company provides design, construction, installation, validation as well as technical services, among others. Through the acquisition, Caverion supports its growth strategy and strengthens its market position in the cleanroom business.

The main owner and Managing Director of Felcon, Hans Lintner, founded the company in 1984. The group is active mainly in the Austrian market. Its customers include companies in the pharma & medical, biotech as well as food & cosmetics industries. Now both of its shareholders have decided to sell the business due to retirement.

The company has 13 highly skilled employees, and the purchase price has not been disclosed.

"This acquisition is the perfect addition to our existing cleanroom business. It is a bolt-on acquisition for us in the area of cleanroom technology, a smart technology area where we have a deep competence. We see great opportunities in scaling up these services in our operations," said Manfred Simmet, Head of Caverion's Division Austria.

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