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In this exclusive video interview, CT talks to cleanroom laundry company Micronclean's Owner and Chairman, Simon Fry, on how the company has and is evolving, its new venture in India, and using facets of its business to help improve others

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Dating back to 1883, UK-based Micronclean has now evolved into a leading service company who supply, clean, and decontaminate cleanroom protective clothing.

In this exclusive interview with Cleanroom Technology, Owner and Chairman of Micronclean, Simon Fry, discusses how the company evolved into what it is, and the upcoming debut of its new overseas venture.

Working to ISO classes 4/5 and 6/7, the company can supply a full range of decontamination dependant on application, and is now taking this to Asia with the opening of a cleanroom laundry facility in the growing pharmaceutical landscape of India.

Simon touches on how the UK business provides a platform for the India facility, but also what can be learnt from the India facility and used to help the UK business in return.

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This interview was led by Sophie Bullimore from Cleanroom Technology.

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