Cleanroom provider T-SQUARED expands sustainably

Published: 25-Apr-2023

The UK-based company has expanded in Oxford and made steps towards zero-carbon targets in Glasgow

T-SQUARED has continued to expand with a new Oxford office, on-site at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus beside more than 250 world-leading scientific research organisations.

Harwell aims to be the world’s largest and most important location for scientific research, technological development and commercialisation. It’s a place where start-ups, SMEs and multinationals work together to address urgent global challenges, with access to £2 billion of research facilities (the UK's National Laboratories) and more than 30 university teams from around the world.

Harwell is a place where we can make a lot of spaces for a lot of geniuses. And help them make a difference to our world

"Our new dedicated on-site presence cements our commitment to clients like Diamond Light Source and Oxford Nanopore Technologies who already call Harwell home," T-SQUARED stated. "It brings our 20-year track record of fast-track specialist design and build solutions within reach of Harwell’s entire community of scientists, engineers and innovators, across sectors like quantum, space and life sciences."

T-SQUARED’s uniquely integrated approach to making complex spaces extends to ongoing specialist service and maintenance - which can now be managed locally for clients in the Oxford area.

Up north

Meanwhile, in the company's Glasgow location it has installed state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels, helping the facility to be as energy-efficient as the high-tech projects it builds for our clients.

"We always strive to make the complex spaces we design and build for our clients as energy-efficient as possible. No mean feat when you’re dealing with mission-critical and nationally-critical facilities with cleanrooms that have to cycle a lot of air, maintain strict temperatures, and so on," T-SQUARED added. "Our validation and maintenance experts are directly connected with our in-house design and build teams, because nobody knows better how to get peak efficiency from a facility than the people who created it in the first place."

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This new solar array on the roof of our Glasgow offices will help the UK-based company meet its own zero-carbon targets. Generating twice as much energy as it consumes, T-SQUARED will have more than enough to power the building, charge electric cars, and contribute back to the national grid. The next step in this journey will be charging points in the car park.


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