Comecer acquires Veenstra Instruments

Published: 5-Apr-2012

Italian firm sells automated systems for working with radiopharmaceuticals

Comecer, an Italian manufacturer of radiation protection devices has purchased Veenstra Instruments, a Dutch company that sells nuclear medicine accessories and software.

No financial details were revealed.

The Castel Bolognese-based firm sells automated systems for working with radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear power plant equipment. Its customers are hospitals, universities and the pharmaceutical industry, for which it manages customised projects for the production of isolators for handling toxic and dangerous substances.

Comercer says the acquisition will allow it to integrate its products with some of the best electronic technologies and software programmes for nuclear medicine. Veenstra will maintain its own brand and competences.

“The most important synergism will be between the r&d departments, where the diversity of cultures represents an additional asset that we hope will prove decisive,” said Alessia Zanelli, md of Comecer.

Veenstra Instruments, based in Joure, specialises in pharmaceutical and radiation-related safety, control and measurements. It produces software, mechanics and electronics for nuclear medicine, radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, hospital pharmacy and calibration laboratories.

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