Comecer brings innovation to its PHL isolator

Published: 27-Feb-2013

Restyling incorporates a new modularity concept, touchscreen HMI, and decontamination-ready (VPHP) technology

Comecer will be showing its new version of the PHL (Pharma, Hospital, Laboratory) isolator at Pharmintech in Bologna, Italy on 17-19 April 2013.

The company says the PHL exemplifies its ability to bring innovation to an established product. The restyling of the PHL incorporates a new modularity concept.

The adoption of touchscreen HMI, decontamination-ready Vapour Phase Hydrogen Peroxide (VPHP) technology, and many other features to ease cytotoxic material handling. Given the highest level of flexibility in terms of operation modes, the PHL is recognised as cutting edge technology for R&D laboratories, says Comecer.

Other new developments in the company’s portfolio include the integration of VPHP technology into its Modular Sterility Testing Isolator (MSTI) and the wireless Glove Integrity System.

The company’s Modular Dispensing and Weighing Isolator (MD&WI) has also seen standardisation that enables it to handle most applications in terms of simple dispensing, transferring and weighing activities of potent compounds up to more complex chemical synthesis and formulation processing.

Comecer offers many standard and tailored solutions ranging from isolators to RABs, glove boxes and testing devices (e.g. glove and chamber leak testing).

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