Connect 2 Cleanrooms moves to new premises

New facility offers more space and better transport links

The new warehouse will allow space to store much more product

Connect 2 Cleanrooms and’s office move is complete! Connect 2 Cleanrooms is pleased to announce that it has moved to a new location in Halton, Lancaster. The new premises are just over 15 miles away from the old address in Kirkby Lonsdale, where the company had been for more than five years.

There were a few main motivating factors that made the move appealing:


There has been quite a jump from the old 3,000ft2 premises to a whopping new 10,000 ft2. Most of this is the enormous new warehouse. This will allow much more room to stock products, meaning keener pricing and even speedier deliveries for customers.

Extra space will offer room for future expansion

A showcase cleanroom is planned to be built in 2013, allowing potential new customers to visit and experience a cleanroom environment prior to ordering. Supplier and customer open days are also planned for 2013.

The extra office space has allowed the company to think about the layout of the office and to prepare for future expansion. The consumables division,, has its own space on the ground floor, which is large enough to accommodate the extra Business Development Coordinators that will be recruited in 2013.

The design for the frosting on the glass partitions has been taken from the recently launched cleanroom animation

Upstairs, departments are more defined with designated areas. They are divided by glass partitions to keep the working together feel of an open plan office. The design for the frosting on the glass partitions has been taken from the recently launched cleanroom animation that has allowed the injection of the new branding style into the décor, creating positive work areas.


The new location is just 1 mile away from Junction 34 on the M6. The M6 is the backbone of the UK and this strategic location will allow more flexibility and choice for distribution – keeping the costs low for customers.

As an international company it will be much more convenient for engineers to be closer to international airports - both Manchester and Liverpool are within an hour’s drive. Connect 2 Cleanrooms is still using many of the same local suppliers from its early days of business and is now much closer to them. This will allow it to continue building on the relationships developed over 10 years in business.

The closer proximity to Lancaster will also widen the recruitment base and will no doubt benefit from being so close the historical city’s reputable university.

This is a landmark occasion for the company and the new facilities will enable it to provide even better customer service.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is excited to start 2013 with the energy and enthusiasm that this move has given it!

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