Connect 2 Cleanrooms offers Rapid Room for the medical market

Published: 14-Jan-2014

The modular cleanroom can be installed in just 30 minutes

Increasing demands from the global medical market for ultra-high quality medical devices are driving organisations to seek cost-effective and prompt solutions to contamination control for all stages of device production; from manufacture and assembly to inspection and packaging.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms has developed a low-cost and quick-to-install modular cleanroom system, which meets these demands. Aptly named the Rapid Room, as it can be installed in just 30 minutes, this cleanroom comes with full assembly instructions and is available through Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ supplies division,

The high level of regulation placed on the sector for clinical trials and manufacturing practice is imperative to ensure patient safety. However, with increasing competition driving down prices, it can be difficult for organisations to find a contamination control solution that meets their needs from both a quality and financial perspective.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms says a modular cleanroom can provide a critical environment for a relatively low-cost, but nonetheless crucial investment. The past decade has seen these flexible systems rise in popularity for the industry; from small start-up firms, to large multi-national Blue Chip heavyweights.

A modular cleanroom can provide a critical environment for a relatively low-cost

Through HEPA filtration, the Rapid Room cleanroom system can achieve cleanroom class limits according to ISO Standard 14644-1 Class 7. With a 1.8m x 1.8m footprint, the Rapid Room is a starter-size cleanroom environment, available from stock and can be shipped next day in the UK, or to anywhere in the world in a matter of days.

As a freestanding structure with carbon steel frame construction, a Rapid Room provides a solid and robust clean environment. The flexibility of the modular design means that these rooms can be dismantled and relocated, making them suitable for short-term projects, clinical trials and R&D.

Investment in a Rapid Room is also protected for longer-term projects, the company says. To grow the cleanroom production area, organisations can either opt simply to install more Rapid Rooms, or the existing area can be adapted into a more bespoke cleanroom system. This staged growth is smart and lean, as organisations only have to outlay what they need at that time and so investment is future-proofed.

With a Rapid Room, organisations are also able to create a mini-environment within a larger cleanroom. Covering machinery, such as moulding machines, is also achievable, and wall construction can easily be adapted to ensure a close fit for part-coverage of any equipment.

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