Consider these 3 factors when designing a future-proof cleanroom

Published: 31-Mar-2023

There is no need to compromise on quality and ISO standards anymore, if you want a flexible and scalable cleanroom, quickly. High-quality prefabricated wall systems are the new standard in cleanroom design with a variety of standalone or built-in units that are easy to install

Why have they become so popular? The most crucial benefit of flexible systems is time saving. You no longer have to build from scratch, modular solutions provide quick and easy assembly. Due to their highly customisable design, these can be adapted to your future needs, if production changes or scaling is required.

In this article, we show you modular solutions that are easy-to-install, top-quality, compliant with cleanroom standards up to ISO Class 4 and most importantly, available for both small and large-scale applications.

Three key benefits of modular cleanroom solutions

Compared to traditional options, modular cleanroom solutions offer exceptional flexibility at a lower cost, without sacrificing functionality. Responding to the emerging needs of most industrial applications, these systems adapt easily to changing working environments.

Highly scalable

Modular solutions can be designed to meet specific customer needs. However, they can be expanded, adapted, or relocated to meet future needs for fast-growing industries as well.


Wall systems come in ready-to-assemble components, or in assembly kits. But if you need a turnkey solution, you can even go a step further and opt for mobile cleanroom containers. These plug-and-play units come in a sea container, making on-site installation, in any case, extremely easy.


Compared to traditional cleanrooms, modular cleanroom components are manufactured and delivered in a significantly shorter time. Furthermore, easy assembly also makes the on-site installation process much shorter.

Hardwall modular cleanroom up to ISO 4 class

Hardwall modular cleanroom up to ISO 4 class

Go modular gradually with these cleanroom solutions

To fulfill both changing industry requirements and customer needs, KleanLabs offers a wide range of modular cleanroom solutions, including wall panels with varying degrees of flexibility, modular built-in or standalone units, as well as complete cleanroom solutions. Not
ready to go fully modular yet? Start small and pick a standalone unit first.

Modular cleanroom walls

The KleanLabs range includes three product families of modular cleanroom walls. The Flexwall kit comprises easy-to-assemble elements, ensuring quick installation and expansion. Softwall systems are the middle ground, made of a metal structure composed of profiles connected by bolted joints. If you need something that resembles traditional cleanrooms the most, choose the Hardwall cleanroom system consisting of easy-to-assemble vertical wall panels with a standard 50 mm thick composite section and fire class 1 polyurethane core.

Biocontainment suites

The main purpose of isolation safety chambers is to contain biological contamination. These standalone dental, microsurgical and biological workstation units are typically used to isolate and care for patients with airborne diseases.

Cleanroom air shower

For cleanrooms of ISO 6 classification or higher, an active air shower is essential. This modular unit keeps the interlocked passage to the entrance of the cleanroom clean and removes contaminant particles from the clothing and fabric surfaces of people passing through.

Laminar flow workstation

The standalone but easy-to-integrate laminar flow workstation functions as an isolation structure, with filtered laminar airflow directed inside. It prevents the spread of airborne dust and contaminants during work processes and protects the equipment from environmental

Environmental chamber

Microclimatic conditions in the rigid climate chamber can be perfectly controlled, making it suitable for simulating extreme environmental conditions to accelerate laboratory testing.

KleanLabs mobile cleanroom container

KleanLabs mobile cleanroom container

Mobile cleanroom container

Built into a standard sea container, mobile cleanrooms offer a turnkey solution that can be transferred anywhere in the world. The container is made of galvanized steel and features durable coating on the outside to withstand both harsh chemical and physical impact, ensuring it performs well in industrial environments. Although the standard size of the container results in some limitations regarding its internal layout, it can be used in areas where other types of cleanroom construction are not possible - in remote locations among others - offering a major advantage.

Tailor-made, flexible solutions from KleanLabs

KleanLabs is a European manufacturer, producing over 5000 items a year. Relying on more than 10 years of experience in the cleanroom industry, they offer custom solutions at outstandingly competitive prices and leading quality. Their system independent products are compliant with the European Standard EN ISO 14644 standards, and GMP guidelines.

To inquire about any of these modular clean room solutions, get in touch with one of the experts at KleanLabs via their website.

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