Dreamtech Electronics India chooses Mirae Construction India

Published: 8-Mar-2023

The Indian subsidiary of Vietnamese Mirae Construction has been chosen for the over 24,000 sqm facility in Greater Noida

India-based Dreamtech Electronics India has chosen Mirae Construction India for the construction of its SMT components manufacturing building.

The state-of-the-art facility will cover 24,122 sqm in Greater Noida and will be completed by the end of 2023 according to Asian Community News. A ten-month turnaround.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Kyeong Gyu Yeong, MD of Mirae Construction India; Lee Byung Hoon, MD of Dreamtech Electronics India; Cho Jang Hyun, MD of Elantech India; Shin Jong Bin, MD of Shinsung Electronics India; Park Euy Don, MD of Seela Infratech, and regional guest Vipin Nagar.

This is a ten-month turnaround

Mirae Construction India is the Vietnamese subsidiary of Mirae Construction, specialising in new factory construction, industrial plant, educational facilities, research & development (R&D) facilities, commercial building, residential building, civil engineering, interior, C/R design and construction, cleanroom, extension and renovation (remodelling).

Mirae will be creating a cleanroom facility at the factory to produce its highly sensitive Surface-mount technology (SMT) components that require strict air cleanliness standards, as well as temperature and pressure levels.

Dreamtech supplies components to the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, SAMSUNG, and the new facility will be a key part of its operations.

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