ECHA releases more biocidal products advice as law comes into force


The new requirements are more closely aligned with other EU chemical controls

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has been releasing new guidance on complying with the European Union’s (EU) biocidal products regulation, ahead of the new law coming into force on 1 September.

Its latest advice tells companies how and when to request an assessment of a biocidal chemical that they think could be the technical equivalent of another active substance previously approved for use across the EU. Under the regulation, the ECHA will carry out these checks, which were undertaken by national regulators under the outgoing 1998 biocidal products directive.

This advice follows the release of two other guidance documents from the ECHA on what information must be provided by companies seeking EU approval for their biocides, under the new regulation.

The ECHA stressed that the 'information required under the [regulation] BPR is different from that which was required under the [directive] BPD'.

The new requirements are more closely aligned with other EU chemical controls, such as the REACH system, and there is a more formalised system for any changes to requests for information from companies, the ECHA added.

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Meanwhile, the ECHA has released a new ‘IUCLID Report Generator’ plug-in computer programme to help chemical-based companies supply chemical safety reports to its officials regarding biocidal product applications under the new regulation.