Entaco launches new Contamination Control Solutions division

Published: 29-Jan-2021

Contamination Control Solutions is a UK and Ireland business set up to fill the gap in the market for complete contamination control

The Entaco group has announced the launch of a new division of the business: Contamination Control Solutions.

Contamination Control Solutions (CCS) is a unique UK and Ireland business, set up to fill the gap in the market for complete contamination control. CCS provides products with technical support, validation services and education material for all your cleanroom needs.

It is supported with the InSpec comprehensive range of disinfectant and detergent products, medical device manufacturing experience and capabilities as well as ancillary items required for a complete contamination control strategy.

New offering

The new division is supported with expertise in regulatory, microbiology, material science and chemistry - providing a comprehensive and in-depth wealth of knowledge which can support our customers in their quest for contamination control. We will be driving growth and innovation in the marketplace and constantly look to build on our offering with custom solutions and products designed around customer needs.

CCS provides a holistic solution for contamination control, through the supply of consumables used within a cleanroom which also includes gowns, face masks, gloves, goggles, shoe covers and packed cleanroom consumables as well as being the officially appointed distributor for InSpec disinfectants and detergents. We can also custom pack your items in our own cleanrooms. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your contamination control solutions.

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