ImmersionWater offers an enclosed washing solution

Published: 27-Sep-2011

For equipment that is generally cleaned manually

Suncombe, a UK-based firm of cleaning and processing engineers, has introduced the ImmersionWasher Cleaning Out of Place (COP) washers for cleaning hoses, pipes and miscellaneous parts, which allow high temperature liquids and strong chemicals to be used.

The ImmersionWasher uses a combination of technologies including: immersion; turbulation; recirculation and spray cleaning. Additional steps can be incorporated within the washers for drying, cooling, draining and forced venting to an external location.

The ImmersionWasher offers an enclosed washing solution for equipment that is generally cleaned manually, providing a repeatable cycle for guaranteed results.

Complete with internal connections for hoses and pipes, the ImmersionWasher range is fitted with standard baskets and racks for holding parts for washing. Custom designed baskets are also available for them in a specific orientation for precision cleaning.

Available in a range of standard sizes, and in manual and automatic versions, the units can be built to ASME BPE standards for the biopharmaceutical and medical sectors and to sanitary standards for the food and associated sectors.

With options for special requirements the washers can also be used as a base supply for simple CIP systems.

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