Keeping high-tech plastic components clean

Published: 19-Oct-2022

A look at the design considerations for an ISO Class 7 cleanroom for the cleaning, assembly and packaging of high-tech plastic components

A PanelBloc cleanroom has been installed at the premises of D&D Kunststofbewerking, in Geldrop. The ISO Class 7 cleanroom from ProCleanroom has been put into use for cleaning, assembly and packaging of high-tech plastic components.

Within the cleanroom, there is a main area, with gowning and good/cleaning areas joined. These areas have fully flush walls and a ceiling with high-performance sounds and thermal insulation.

When building the cleanroom, ProCleanroom also made sure there was self-supporting construction so that there was no need for suspension. As Ronny Moors (Managing Director) mentioned in a customer interview: “Having an in-house cleanroom gives us more control and flexibility.”

A step-over-bench forms the physical barrier between the “dirty” and clean zone

This turned out to be the case and after the construction of the first cleanroom in 2019, it soon became apparent that there was a need for more cleanroom capacity in the form of a 70 sqm PanelBloc cleanroom.

Utilising the patented PanelBloc system, the walls and ceiling being fully flush accommodate fast and maximum cleaning of the areas and allow for maximum cleanliness performance.

With the room’s H14 HEPA filtration and innovative design, the cleanroom achieves an ISO class 7 classification in the main area. A customer-specific layout As with the first cleanroom built in 2019, the placement of an ultrasonic cleaning line had to be taken into account when determining the layout.

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In order to protect the products in the cleanroom against contamination from the industrial cleaning line, various areas have been created. A pass through hatch has been installed between the cleaning/goods area and the main area. In the main area, the products are assembled and packaged according to ASML grade 4 specification. Due to its performance, the cleanroom is also suitable for ASML grade 2 activities. All areas are accessible via self-closing swing doors.

This application ensures that the contamination transfer between the different areas is kept to a minimum. The cleanroom features an integrated gowning room. A step-over-bench forms the physical barrier between the “dirty” and clean zone of the cleanroom. Designed for employees The internal height of 2.7m gives a spacious feeling and large windows with double safety glass have been implemented to allow ambient light to enter the cleanroom, this ensures maximum comfort for operators.

A high capacity air conditioning system offers heating and cooling capabilities. The cleanroom was also designed with a goods transit area to support best practice procedures from the operators with wide access doors to promote this. Overall the direct benefits that come from the full turnkey solution was cleanliness and appearance, but also the improved efficiency with lower power consumption and operating costs. The single point of contact was not just responsible for design and installation, but also measuring equipment, furniture and training. This also includes consumables such as coveralls, mobcaps, gloves, and overshoes.

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