Kleanlabs designs custom cabinets for operating rooms

Published: 3-Dec-2019

Storage cabinets have been tailored to provide an ideal solution for operating rooms and medical use cases

Operating rooms (ORs) are typically a use case of cleanrooms that are very different from a usual laboratory, but have equally high standards of hygiene. It is critical that no contamination enters the OR from outside, but still there can be a need of extra materials and devices from outside while an operation is being performed. These could be loaded through a basic pass box, but it is also important that the material transfer and operation remains visible from both sides. This is why a custom cabinet has been designed especially for ORs.

Cleanroom & operating room storage cabinets

The Clean Room & Operating Room Storage Cabinets have been designed to provide an ideal solution for ORs and medical use cases. Thanks to its AISI 316L stainless steel design and glass doors, it is a useful addition to any modern laboratory.

Full-size glass doors: Through the large glass doors stored items and materials are visible and can be grabbed quickly.

Two-sided access: These Clean Room & OR Storage Cabinets function similarly to cleanroom pass boxes, providing adequate supplies of material and equipment for sterile spaces in the operating or laboratory environment. The electromagnetic locking prevents opening both doors at the same time.

Ventilation options: Clean Room & OR Storage Cabinets can be equipped with a ventilation system powered by a motor. The air is filtered through an H13 HEPA filter, eliminating dust on the shelves. Customers may consider choosing a model with an anemostat and HEPA filtration that can be connected to the central air handling system.

Most pass boxes, Clean Room & Operating Room Storage Cabinets are manufactured in custom sizes.

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