Level 10 Construction completes cGMP space for COVID-19 applications

Published: 27-Jan-2021

Level 10 Construction has completed a project for TriLink Biotechnologies including GMP and non-GMP manufacturing spaces for vaccine and diagnostic test kit components

Level 10 Construction has completed a cGMP space for TriLink Biotechnologies, which has fueled the development of COVID-19 diagnostic test kits and vaccines by providing high-quality and efficient delivery of mRNA, capping reagents, oligonucleotides, and NTPs.

This will be the second construction that Level 10 Construction has completed for TriLink Biotechnologies including GMP and non-GMP Manufacturing spaces, as well as an expanded shipping and receiving area.

"The design and construction teams worked side by side day and night overcoming several obstacles to deliver the facility ready for validation in a very short time frame. And because of this, we knocked this project out of the park by completing a cGMP space in 4-1/2 months to deliver an important component of the COVID vaccine," said Jerry Kirkland, Project Executive of Level 10 Construction. "Thanks to all the project team members including McFarlane Architects among many others."

Level 10 Construction worked directly with Christine Perez, Sr Director, Project Management at TriLink BioTechnologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences.

Perez added: "Throughout the construction process, Level 10 stayed on schedule to meet the deadlines they promised. Level 10 worked very collaboratively keeping us informed through the entire process including budget review, critical timelines and long lead item material planning. It is important to mention that both critical projects were in support of COVID 19 efforts and had very aggressive timelines. Level 10 worked through essential business operations, supply chain constraints and all the while maintained a safe operating environment."

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