Localised inspection and magnifying solutions

Published: 15-Jul-2013

60 LED magnifying lamp for localised use to creates a bright and clear white light

Recently released Cleanroom Energy Standard BS 8568:2013 recommends high efficiency localised LED lighting to improve processes and drive efficiencies throughout the cleanroom. cleanroomshop.com (a Division of Connect 2 Cleanrooms) has introduced a 60 LED magnifying lamp for localised use to create a bright and clear white light that is combined with a high quality magnifying lens to create a powerful inspection lamp.

The LED magnifier lamp is suitable for table/bench work to illuminate goods and ease eye strain. The magnifying lamp houses a 3 diopter magnifying lens, with an extra magnifying 25mm 12 diopter spot for high precision work.

Diopter to Power Conversion Table
DiopterPower% increase

This is an approximation based on the common formula: Power = (Diopter / 4) +1; e.g. a 3 diopter lens makes an object look 75% times larger.

This low energy lamp has smooth contours to resist particle retention, making it an ideal product to be used in cleanrooms as well as areas such as manual inspection procedures in laboratories, production and inspection areas.

Cleanroomshop.com is a market leader in bringing unbeatable value products to market. This is a stock item product ready for next day delivery. Buy online for huge savings on multiple lamps.

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