Low energy air filters: Quick wins for energy savings in buildings

Published: 14-Feb-2014

Camfil publishes White Paper highlighting energy-saving opportunities possible with effective air filtration systems

Camfil has this week published a White Paper highlighting the energy-saving opportunities that arise from choosing effective air filtration systems within non-domestic buildings.

Through a number of high-profile installations, Camfil demonstrates how air filters directly influence energy consumption within air handling units that heat, cool and clean the air of approximately 200,000 air-conditioned buildings in the UK.

The White Paper, called Quick wins for energy savings in buildings: Choosing low-energy air filters for both optimised energy performance and indoor air quality addresses the challenge that all industry sectors are facing when it comes to the energy efficiency of their building stock. Download the White Paper here.

The Federation of European Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Associations has estimated that within the EU alone there is a potential annual saving of 5TWh available by switching to low-energy air filters. This would equate up to £500m energy saving in the UK.

Last month Camfil reported that facilities managers could see their organisations waste up to £300m on energy costs this year if they don’t change employee behaviour. The warning came from a report published by the Carbon Trust. Facilities managers and building services engineers can use this White Paper to turn this issue on its head and actually help save energy costs for their client or organisation.

Visit www.camfil.co.uk to learn more or for a free lifecycle cost analysis and report. Trained evaluators will generate a customised analysis, then quantify the energy savings and total cost of ownership advantages you will experience with our low-energy air filters.

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