Micro-injection moulding for medical technology on show

Published: 11-Oct-2017

Wittmann Battenfeld will demonstrate its latest injection moulding technology at Compamed, the international medical technologies fair in Düsseldorf on 13–16 November

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Wittmann Battenfeld designs injection moulding machines to a minimum emissions level making them especially suited to medical technology injection moulding.

This applies in particular to the MicroPower, which has been specially developed for manufacturing micro parts. This all-electric machine model, designed as a completely enclosed inner cell, is ideally suited for production under cleanroom conditions by the very nature of its design.

The encasement of MicroPower machines also provides sufficient space for the integration of various equipment options, such as a rotary table, robot, material dryers or temperature controllers. All drive modules of the all-electric drive system including all mechanical components are encapsulated in easy-to-clean housings.

At the Compamed in Düsseldorf, the company will demonstrate its competence in medical technology by producing a micro filter made of POM with an 80 μm grid and a part weight of 1.1 mg, which can be used in micro pumps or inhalators. The micro filter will be manufactured on a MicroPower 15/10 with a clamping force of 150 kN. It is produced in a 2-cavity mould with 3-platen injection.

The machine on display comes as a full-fledged cleanroom production cell, equipped with a rotary table, parts removal handling device, integrated quality inspection by image processing, as well as a cleanroom module, which produces class 6 clean air according to the ISO 14644-1 standard. The parts are all injected, quality-inspected and deposited inside the cleanroom.

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