Pharmaceutical Microbiology East Coast

Published: 9-Jan-2019

Discussing best practice and techniques to tackle microbial control challenges.

Join industry experts to discuss and analyse the latest advances and challenges within the industry. Network with industry professionals, discuss the revision of Annex 1, explore data integrity considerations for conventional and rapid microbiology methods, analyse arising issues with environmental monitoring and gain insight into an industry perspective on automated endotoxin testing and process automation.

The pharmaceutical microbiology industry has seen many changes during the progression into the 21st century. With advances in rapid microbiological methods, revisions being made to regulations in the industry, enhanced knowledge of the human microbiome, and novel testing methods, this industry is ever expanding.

Event venue:Battery Wharf Hotel, Boston, USA

Organiser: SMI

Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 6000



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