Pharmagraph launches new air samplers for GMP compliance

Published: 27-Feb-2020

The iVAS Series of Smart Active Air Samplers are intelligent air samplers that offer high efficiency and consistency in microbiological monitoring

Pharmagraph has launched its new range of Smart Active Air Samplers; the iVAS Series. The intelligent air samplers offer high efficiency and consistency in microbiological monitoring.

The iVAS series supports 90 mm Petri Dish media and includes an integrated HPV tolerant controller measuring actual flow and sample volume within the sample head. iVAS units can be integrated into the customers’ existing EM programme meeting EU-GMP Annex 1 and USP 797 compliance requirements.

Available in both pedestal and tri-clamp mounting styles, iVAS can be used free-standing or built into isolators and filling machines. The truly intelligent iVAS unit incorporates the perforated sieve head, dual impellers, flow/volume control and communication systems into a highly integrated unit. iVAS itself controls the airflow and measures the volume of air sampled to maximise regulatory compliance and can operate in either continuous or intermittent sampling modes. iVAS offers dual calibrated flow rates of either 100 L/min or 50 L/min and D50 values of 1.1 µm and 1.6 µm respectively. The height-adjustable 90mm petri dish holder, allows for varying Agar media fill depths whilst maintaining D50 performance.

The integral impellers mean that no bulky external vacuum system is required, facilitating quick and simple installation. A single cable connection supplies both communication and power functionality from the host controller. The host controller supports up to six iVAS units and offers a ModBus TCP Ethernet communications interface and local alarm functionality.

iVAS uses industry-standard Modbus protocol

Designed for use in Grade A zones, iVAS units can be swapped in/out of service and are tracked by serial number to maintain system traceability. This reduces system downtime and allows for fast maintenance and calibration service.

Although optimised for use with Pharmagraph’s own enVigil software, iVAS uses industry-standard Modbus protocol and runs from 24Vdc to cater for the widest variety of monitoring and application software.

John Wallingford, Pharmagraph Operations Director, said: “Since the introduction of our previous remote air sampler with its associated external controller, we have been delighted with the uptake of the technology. We believe that our new iVAS design which incorporates the controller and the air sampler into one unit will be a game-changer. It offers enhanced performance, more flexible integration and meets the industry requirements of greater use of isolator and RABS technologies for pharmaceutical production and dispensing facilities.”

Pharmagraph was formed specifically to meet the needs of clients seeking GMP/GAMP compliant solutions for their facility and environmental monitoring requirements, whether in small hospital pharmacies or pharmaceutical production facilities. Supplying systems that measure particle counts, active air sampling, temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air velocity which deliver accurate, clear and secure results.

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